15 Dog Friendly Coworking Spaces in London

15 of the best coworking spaces to bring your furry friend to in London.

15 Dog Friendly Coworking Spaces in London

It seems like everyone adopted dogs over lockdown, but many of them didn’t take into account that they would be returning to work within a couple of years. Dogs do wonders for our mental health, and it’s fair to say that when someone brings their pup into the office, the whole day just gets better. Many of our clients ask for dog-friendly office space as part of their must-have requirements so for those of you who are keen on working somewhere that allows furry friends into the office, here’s a list of London’s top 15 pet-friendly workspaces.

1. Huckletree - West

Tucked into White City Place alongside BBC and ITV, Huckletree West is a sucker for furry friends. One of the long-standing team members at Huckletree West has a pup named Price, who proudly tours the space when he’s in. This office has plenty of outdoor areas for pets to run around, and even host Puppy Yoga and Puppy Cuddle sessions in the summertime.

2. WeWork - Devonshire Square

WeWork are renowned for being dog-friendly. In fact, one might even say that they kicked off this trend to begin with. Almost all of their offices can welcome pups at a small extra fee. Devonshire Square is home to plenty of cafes, restaurants and quiet squares for walks when you or your dog need headspace. 

3. Uncommon - Borough Market

Uncommon offices are just that; uncommon. But one thing that they stand out for is their approach to pets at work. Their Borough Market workspace loves welcoming furry friends and has done so since they first opened. The only danger here is that it’s so close to Borough Market, your pup might just convince you to get lunch there everyday for scraps. Puppy eyes, am I right?

4. Workspace - Great Western Studios

Situated right off the A40 in London, this dog-friendly office from Workspace is called Great Western Studios. It’s a down-to-earth, industrial looking piece of architecture that boasts a coffee shop, a member’s club and private parking for its customers. Perfect commute in the car, if your pup can’t travel on public transport. Oh, and an office on the first floor overlooks plenty of things for your dog to keep a watchful eye on during the day.

5. Workpad - Portland Place

First built in 1775, this office has probably seen more dogs than you will see in your lifetime. Split over 6 floors and at the heart of Marylebone, this office boasts plenty of bike racks, lifts, superfast broadband - all things your dog will want. How else are they going to get to work in your bike basket, not have to take the stairs and watch their puppy shows on Netflix?

6. TOG - Thomas House - Eccleston Square

This beautiful dog-friendly building in town has plenty of sofas, chairs and meeting room huts for your pup to take a nap. To top it all off, TOG Thomas House is home to a gorgeous roof terrace, or should I say ‘woof terrace’, with carefully designed railings for dogs to enjoy the space without any safety concerns. No escaping today, and this office is not one you’d want to escape anyway.

7. Mindspace - Shoreditch

A lovely pet-friendly office with a worldwide reach. An office at Mindspace Shoreditch means being at the core of Tech City and the East End charm; a constant source of inspiration, innovation and creativity. The Mindspace team will probably greet your pup with a cuddle. Whether it’s coworking space you need with a dog bed by your feet, or a private studio to stretch out in - they’ve got you and your pup covered.

8. Techspace - Shoreditch South

Here, you can enjoy the privacy of their own self-contained floors with dedicated breakout areas, meeting rooms and kitchens for the team’s pet-friendly office. There is so much to discover at Techspace in Shoreditch South, but I bet your dog is more excited to come in than you. The team puts a fresh bowl of water out in the shared space for pets to enjoy every day, and there’s an abundance of dog pillows and blankets hanging around in cupboards.

9. Canvas - 30 Binney Street

Very close to Bond Street station, this Mayfair office is definitely for pups that like more of a luxury environment. It’s home to some stunning period features and elegant design that creates a welcoming and sophisticated office environment. This office will welcome your pup at no extra cost, and will even let you make a home for it in your office - think pillow from home, water bowl and some cuddly toys to hang out with whilst you’re busy on calls.

10. Work.Life - Liverpool Street

Minutes from Liverpool Street station and ready to welcome all of your furry friends, Work.Life Liverpool Street is a great example of a shared space with a shared love for dogs. All of Work.Life’s spaces are dog-friendly, but we chose Liverpool Street as the perfect place for dogs who are able to take the tube. Whether you are coming from far on the Elizabeth Line or swinging by on the Central Line, it’s a short walk to the office where a cool bowl of water awaits you and your pup.

11. Milo Offices - Settles Street

Brick walls and industrial light fittings is what awaits anyone that enters Milo’s Settles Street. This dog-friendly personalisable space is open to large companies looking for a HQ to call their own. Having your own office to manage means that you can design it to fit your needs. If your pup becomes the company mascot, then you can spray paint them on the office reception wall. If loads of colleagues got pups over lockdown, then perhaps you need a doggy day care centre?

12. Spacemade - The Loft

A beautifully modern workspace in North West, Spacemade's The Loft office is designed with peace in mind. It’s a pet-friendly office with a breezy commute from outer London and just a 15 minute train into the city centre if you’re meeting friends for dinner. Most importantly, it’s got a light airy environment and plenty of plants - a perfect place to chill out for the day with your dog.

13. The Barbon Buildings

This historic dog-friendly building in a quiet part of Holborn is perfect for bringing your furry plus one in for the day. The office is located right on Red Lion Square; a picturesque public garden with seating areas and a cafe. Whether it’s a lunch break or just to stretch some little legs, the Barbon Buildings are a personal favourite, with intimate settings, tons of private space and an outdoor courtyard too.

14. Purpose - Pelican House

This office has lots to offer, from an abundance of natural light and industrial design, to a Pelican House on-site cafe and communal courtyard. It’s got everything you need to make sure you and your pup have the best day in the office. Best thing to top it off? It’s right around the corner from St Bartholomew's Gardens - a beautiful, green square for those important walkies.

15. Storey - Appold Studio

What once was a 19th century furniture warehouse, is now an office building drenched in daylight with a beautiful roof garden to enjoy. Storey’s Appold Studios boasts exposed brick walls, Crittall windows and wood floors - exactly what your dog needs to feel at home. You and your pup can either hang out in the shared communal spaces, or in your own private office.

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