Top 10 London Offices with Gorgeous Rooftop Terraces

Ten amazing rooftop terraces you can only find in these London office spaces

Top 10 London Offices with Gorgeous Rooftop Terraces

Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen a huge uptick in companies returning to the office. Employees are anxious about giving up the freedoms that come with remote working but still want to reap the benefit of face-to-face interactions in the office. The idea of being tied to a desk is enough to make some employees want to change jobs - not ideal. 

Breakout space is essential in the modern office environment. Whether it’s soft seating areas, a couple of pods or ping pong tables, it’s important to have space where employees can break away from their daily grinds. However sometimes that just doesn’t quite cut it. If you’re one of the many companies looking for a change of scenery - or just want to get a bit more sunshine -  this list is for you. We’ve scoured the London flexible office market to find the best office spaces with roof terraces

1. Uncommon - Liverpool Street

Uncommon Liverpool Street Roof Terrace

Located 1 minute away from Liverpool Street station, nestled above the hustle and bustle of Bishopsgate, lies Uncommon’s world class serviced offices that you can rent by the day, week, month or year. But it’s not just the amazing design that helps this flexible office stand out amongst its competitors. Overlooking Bishopsgate and its surrounding areas, Uncommon’s roof terrace has a stunning 360 view over Liverpool Street and its surroundings. 

Equipped with a fully functioning fire pit, comfortable lounge furniture and enough space to host up to 50 people all swaying to ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ at once, Uncommon Liverpool Street’s roof terrace is always a good shout for any sunny day in London. The ultimate combination of a beautiful office space and a stunning roof terrace, all within 1 minute of a major train station is pretty hard to beat.

Find out more about Uncommon - Liverpool Street here.

2. WeWork - Monument

WeWork Monument Roof Terrace

Expect raw concrete pillars, huge open staircases and plenty of plants in WeWork’s dazzling Monument office. This building offers 10 floors of carefully designed work space where past and present meet perfectly. Their roof terrace, complete with enough sofas to sit in the sunshine all day if you’re not careful, boasts views across the city including the talkie walkie building. When the sun eventually does set, most members head to the Sky Gardens bar, just a short walk away, to swap sun for heaters and water for wine. Dog-friendly and wellness rooms included, it’s rather difficult to refuse. After all, your furry friend deserves a great office just as much as you do.

See what’s available at WeWork - Monument here.

3. Fora - Soho

Fora Soho Roof Terrace

Soho + sun + roof terrace = potentially the best place to work in London?

Fora’s Soho office space is located on Broadwick street, meaning you’re right in the thick of it. Fora are known for 5* hotelier-like service and have built an oasis in the middle of Soho, with gorgeous co-working space and private offices throughout. As if that wasn’t enough, this stunning office building has an amazing roof terrace that members can use to enjoy the views, get some extra rays, or have one of those ‘gosh, I really love my job’ moments. This space lends itself to pretty much anyone out there who enjoys modern, sleek offices with a slight ‘being pampered’ feel.

Browse desks & studios at Fora - Soho here.

4. Halkin - Monument

Halkin Monument Roof Terrace

Roof Terrace? Check. River views? Double Check. Sleek modern office space? Triple check.

Halkin’s Monument space is located in the Northern and Shell building. Yes, that Northern and Shell building, the blue one that looks like it’s from a Bladerunner movie. Overlooking the river Thames, situated a short walk from Tower Bridge, London Bridge and Borough Market, the views from the roof terrace here are hard to beat. On a sunny day, you can get a 360 view of the City of London and the Southbank. With Halkin’s gorgeous interior to match the beautiful exterior of the building, this workspace really has it all when it comes to looks. Next time you’re near London Bridge and it's a sunny day, just remember that you could be on one of the best roof terraces in London - river view included.

Explore more of Halkin Monument, here.

5. Mindspace - Shoreditch

Mindspace Shoreditch

Surrounded by artisan bakeries, innovative restaurants, and incredible street art, Mindspace - Shoreditch has a diverse backdrop that many companies love to call their work home. 

Getting space here means you also technically get space with them in DC, San Francisco, Berlin, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv and more. It’s a rule of thumb that Mindspace buildings have incredible roof terraces but in London, this one is hard to beat. Overlooking the popular Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch, Mindspace on Appold Street provides stunning panoramic views of the busiest part of London. Whether it’s sun, rain or something in between, the views that you get at Mindspace - Shoreditch are hard to beat. Looks like you can still get a nice summer tan at the office after all.

View availability at Mindspace - Shoreditch, here.

6. Second Home - Spitalfields

Second Home Spitalfields Roof Terrace

What do a fishpond, biophilia and loads of curves have in common? When you add a roof terrace to the mix, you get possibly the coolest office space to rent in Spitalfields. This location isn’t for people who want basic space. As a matter of fact, this is about as daring as you can get when you’re looking for an ‘out there’ office space.

This building on Hanbury Street towers over its next door neighbours, so it’s kind of hard to miss. If you love being surrounded by plants, crazy designs and working alongside some of the UK’s most innovative brands, you’ll absolutely love Second Home - Spitalfields. This office definitely lives up to its name, you’ll very quickly feel like you have a Second Home to work from.

Book a viewing of Second Home - Spitalfields, here.


7. TOG - Tintagel House

TOG Tintagel House Roof Terrace

Ever thought of running for public office? No, me neither. But you don’t have to be an MP to get a cosy seat with a great view of Westminster. Imagine this - it’s a sunny day, you’re on a roof terrace, overlooking The Thames and the Houses of Parliament. Next door is MI5 and you haven’t got a care in the world. Do you feel like James Bond yet?

If the answer is yes, then Tintagel House might just be the perfect office space for you. Perched on the river Thames a short walk away from Vauxhall Station lies the imposing Tintagel House. The only building in London that actually allows you to look down on James Bond’s office. Occupied by The Office Group, Tintagel House offers a stunning gym on the ground floor courtesy of Manor, as well as the infamous staircase challenge. Fully fitted with a top floor of gorgeous meeting rooms and breakout space, as well as a fully serviced penthouse apartment, you can 007 it during the day, and have a shaken cocktail on the roof terrace at night. I mean, how could you possibly turn that down? If you’re not careful this may start to become more than an office in no time.

Explore TOG - Tintagel House, here.

8. Fora - Shoreditch

Fora Shoreditch

Having not long opened, this one is a Fynder team favourite. 

If you want to do Shoreditch in style, then you need not look any further than Fora - Shoreditch. Blurring the lines between office space and club space, this workspace is one of Shoreditch’s crown jewels. Towering over Great Eastern Street with its imposing new facade, this office space offers stunning workspace and breakout areas to its lucky tenants. Already home to some of the biggest names out there, this office has something for everyone from gorgeous modern interior design, to hotel-level customer service and arguably one of the best roof terraces in Shoreditch. 

You never have to go far in Shoreditch to find a good time, but if you’re lucky enough to rent a private desk at Fora, the trip has become even shorter. 

See more pictures of Fora - Shoreditch, here.

9. Runway East - Borough Market

Runway East Borough Market

Situated just behind the Shard sits Runway East - Borough Market and its lovely roof terrace. This office space is ideally located, with Borough Market just around the corner. It’s safe to say that every lunch you’ll ever have will be a combination of food from Borough Market and a cosy seat atop the roof terrace. With views onto the surrounding areas, as well as an up-close look at the gigantic Shard towering overhead, Runway East - Borough Market makes for a pretty scenic Zoom call background, team lunch or after work drinks. Who said being at the office has to be boring?

Explore offices at Runway East - Borough Market, here.

10. TOG - White Collar Factory

TOG White Collar Factory

You’re in the office and it hits 12:30, do you fancy going for a quick run at lunchtime? How does 16 storeys above the street sound? Don’t worry, you’ll have a hell of a view.

This stunning office building perched right on top of what used to be Old Street Roundabout, now formally known as the Old Street Mess, the White Collar Factory is home to one of London’s most interesting roof terraces. Whether you’re looking for a quick workout, a bite to eat at lunch or after work drinks with colleagues, you’ll be hard pressed to find a roof terrace in London that will offer views that can compete with the White Collar Factory. 

Find out more about TOG - White Collar Factory, here.

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