Runway East

6 Buildings
Runway East
Our spaces are packed with entrepreneurs, experts and tech pioneers, all looking for a community to be proud of. We bring socials, events and fun to our spaces, so the best minds in the UK can get to work, then get to play. We choose in-demand locations with easy commutes, vibrant culture and plenty to do. Events, socials, beautiful spaces – we’re in the business of making this whole thing more fun. At the end of the day, you want to love where you work, and so do we. Obviously the internet is super-fast, obviously the coffee and printing is included, obviously we provide cake, but beyond that we want to do things better than anyone else. When you succeed, we succeed, so whatever you need, we’re here. Your team is growing – great! But now you don’t have the space you need – less great! With us you can gradually grow your space without the headache of an office move. Meeting rooms, break-out area, a tasteful hedge maze – whatever you want, let’s talk. Happiness is making a home. We help you brand your space to feel yours, with customisable offices, meeting rooms and break-out spaces. Whatever brings your team joy, we make sure it’s waiting for them.