4 Buildings
Uncommon is a flexible workspace that makes you feel good, so you do better. We are facilitators of calm yet creative surroundings, with an emphasis on sustainability and wellbeing to support you and the environment in every way. We ensure our clients feel good about where and how they work; supporting both their physical comfort and emotional wellness which helps boost efficiency and productivity. We want to see everyone healthier, happier and more in control of their day.   We offer a range of memberships that are flexible and can be tailored to fit the exact requirements of our clients. We offer day passes, weekend passes, hot desking, dedicated desks and private offices. We have four very attractive and key locations in London - Highbury, Liverpool Street, Fulham & Borough.    Get the most out of your working day by using our outstanding facilities. We have a reception and coffee lounge, 24/7 access to spaces, fully equipped meeting rooms, private phone booths, outdoor terraces, rooftops and much more to explore and inspire you. Our design is the most unparalleled aspect of Uncommon. Every detail has immense character and has been created to inspire and energise – no matter which space you’re working in.   Ergonomics supports not just your physical body, but your overall wellness too. High chairs, low chairs, desk chairs, swing chairs, standing desks – the list goes on. Everything has been carefully selected to help your posture, give you room to freely move and feel comfortable.  Biophilia means we obsess over plants not just for the aesthetics, but to purify the air; helping you to harness deep breath for better concentration. Escaping the concrete jungle for a little while; it’ll keep you happier and feeling replenished throughout the day. You’ll see them on every corner, every wall and in our outdoor spaces.  We have curated playlists in the background; playing specific tracks to fit different times of the day and boost your work and mood.  Our spaces are well-lit with windows and natural lighting encapsulating every area to help you see and think clearly.  No detail goes unnoticed. As soon as you walk into any of our sites, you’ll be hit with a pleasant aroma to lift your mood and aid creativity.