16 Buildings
We were established in 2013 with the ambition of providing high end, boutique serviced office space, in beautiful central London locations.  Our properties are unique within the UK commercial property market; 2,000-15,000 sq ft office buildings, unbranded, available to rent by single rooms for a simple all-inclusive monthly payment.  We hold ourselves to extremely high standards. We thrive on building strong, long lasting relationships with our customers, and aim to leave a strong lasting impression (for all the right reasons)! Everything we do is designed with you in mind, and to accommodate your ever-changing needs. We offer complete privacy and discretion, with the prestige that comes with having your very own space. We’re uniquely positioned in the market – an owner-managed SME, just like a lot of our customers. This means we can be flexible and agile in the way we work, and quick to adapt. Our no.1 priority is to make tenants’ lives easier. Our all-inclusive model is simple, convenient and takes away all the usual aggro involved in running a busy office. We take care of everything you need, and nothing you don’t.